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Studying abroad can be the opportunity of a lifetime.

When you study abroad, you can experience learning in a new way and have the chance to learn and develop in a new culture. You will also have the opportunity to visit new countries, take part in cultural diversity and establish international friendships.


Are you looking for 11 Plus, GCSE or A level tuition that matches your child’s needs? Are you a student worried about the examination? Do you doubt your child’s preparedness for the examination and if  your child will be able to perform well?

Do not make the mistake of working through a few books and hoping all will be well on the day. Team Scholars are very well experienced in 11 Plus exam, GCSE and A level. With help of Team Scholars your child will learn to master the difficult skills needed to excel in the exams.

Our Courses

11 Plus

If your goal is to pass the 11 Plus, then we will do all we can to help your child pass


GCSE tuition is becoming increasingly necessary for your child in thiscompetitive era

A Level

Our A Level tutors will help your child prepare and ace your child's A Level examinations

How can Teamscholars help?

Tutor focus

Our tutors will focus on developing a thorough student knowledge of the 11+ Maths and English syllabus, as detailed by the ISEB, alongside the exposure to verbal and non-verbal reasoning. .....

Small Group

There is extensive high-quality evidence demonstrating the potential of one-to-one and small-group tuition as a cost-effective way to support pupils who are falling behind. ......


Tuition will be delivered by U.K. based trained teachers, academic mentors or tutors. Interventions are typically delivered over an extended period, usually over the .......


The sessions (each lasting 1.5 hours) are built to be effective with little parent involvement. We take care of the teaching, homework setting and marking. .....


University Admission


Our mentors have years of experience in helping students with applications to Universities and Colleges in USA, Canada and U.K.

Our services include helping students with Course selection, University selection, advice on writing personal statements, building C.V.s, getting the right references, helping in the preparation of your application and guidance until admission.

This is your opportunity to set out on your journey of a lifetime!

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