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One-to-one and small group tuition.

There is extensive high-quality evidence demonstrating the potential of one-to-one and small-group tuition as a cost-effective way to support pupils who are falling behind. The Sutton Trust-EEF Teaching and Learning Toolkit suggests it can boost progress by up to +5 months1.

One to one tuition and small group tuition are both effective interventions1,2. However, the cost effectiveness of teaching in small groups indicates that greater use of this approach may be worthwhile1.

Teamscholars can offer either one-to-one, or small group tutoring to ensure effective progress, or to teach challenging topics or skills. Diagnostic assessment will be used to assess the best way to target support.

Our experience has shown that, for students, small group tutoring brings in an element of competitive spirit. Some students, when challenged in an appropriate peer group, tend to apply themselves more than when they find themselves working individually.

Teamscholars can help with your enquiry to decide which could be better suited for each student.



Tuition will be delivered by U.K. based trained teachers, academic mentors or tutors. Interventions are typically delivered over an extended period, usually over the course of several weeks or terms. Small group will comprise of a maximum of five pupils. We have found (from our experience) that this would place the students in an optimal learning environment with enough challenge, and enable the tutors to support personalised learning.


The sessions are built to be effective with little parent involvement.  We take care of the teaching, homework setting and marking.  We invite support (checked at enrolment) only to ensure effective homework/assessment submissions by the students. 

A variety of teaching methods  will be used by the tutors to build confidence, boost student engagement and student enthusiasm.